Safety-relevant measurements on the HV System


The AVL DiTEST workSAFE is used in the workshop to perform safety-relevant measurements on the high-voltage system of vehicles with an electric drivetrain. In particular, these measurements include verifying the absence of voltage, checking the equipotential bonding and measuring the insulation resistance.

workSAFE allows you to verify and document the deenergized condition of the vehicle quickly and reliably. This is essential in order to safely carry out service or repair work.

With workSAFE you can precisely check the equipotential bonding, to avoid dangerous potential differences between different components of the high-voltage system. In addition, insulation faults can only be reliably detected by the insulation monitor device in case of proper equipotential bonding. Testing the insulation resistance requires applying a test voltage that is at least equal to the battery voltage of the vehicle. workSAFE generates voltages of up to 1500 V DC and is thus prepared for future vehicle generations.

You can as well measure the insulation resistance on the active high voltage system according to SAE J1766. workSAFE is also available in a version adapted to the Chinese GB 18384-2020 standard. Equipped with a pluggable 3rd measuring line, it allows you faster and more accurate measurement results regarding the insulation resistance.

Features at a glance

  • Verify the absence of voltage
  • Voltage measurement upt o 1500 V DC/1000 V AC
  • Check of the equipotential bonding
  • Capacitance, inductance, resistance measurement
  • Simulation of insulation faults
  • Insulation resistance measurement according to ECE R100
  • Insulation resistance measurement on active HV System up to 1500 V DC (SAE J1766, GB 18384)

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