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From the standard family car diagnostics to telemetric data in Formula 1 racing – the electronic analysis of motor data – or vehicle diagnostics in brief – determines the daily routine of the automotive service industry. The developments of AVL DITEST, the Austrian experts in vehicle testing equipment founded in 1999, are said to set the engineering standard in Europe. Renowned vehicle manufacturers, such as VW, BMW, Jaguar Land Rover or the Daimler Group place their trust in the technical know-how from Graz. The important business fields of AVL DITEST in addition to vehicle diagnostics, are measurement engineering and exhaust gas analysis. Reference is made in this context to customers such as the European vehicle inspection organizations TÜV and DEKRA and their Japanese counterpart NAVI. Very early on in its history, this AVL Group company became a pioneer in high-voltage measurement engineering for safe work on electric and hybrid vehicles; defining the state of technology with its HV Safety 2000.



AVL DITEST equips garages and motor vehicle inspection centers with upmarket test systems and diagnostic equipment. Our corporate philosophy is based on our claim for technological and quality leadership, perfect service and global presence. The success of our products in over 50 countries is proof of the consistent implementation of our philosophy.

In Europe, the developments of the Austrian and German vehicle diagnostics and measurement technology specialist are setting the technological benchmark. Testing organisations such as Dekra or TÜV and big-name motor manufacturers such as VW, BMW, Jaguar Land Rover, Daimler Group and the Austrian motorcycle manufacturer KTM rely upon technical expertise from Graz and Cadolzburg. E-mobility, vehicle diagnostics, measurement technology, climate control servicing and emissions testing are the key business areas of AVL DiTEST.

AVL DITEST, founded in 1999, is a company of the AVL Group, the world's largest privately owned enterprise engaged in the development of engines, measurement and testing systems that can draw on automotive engineering know-how from more than 50 years of development work.


All AVL DiTEST employees are united by their strong commitment to making the needs of the customer the focus of everything we do.

Our motivation is founded on self-determination. We strongly believe that our technical expertise and character allow us to blaze a trail of our own. This is something we also want to demonstrate to others, and our customers give us the best opportunity to do so.

We are proud of our exceptional level of knowledge, our outstanding ability to solve problems and our pioneering spirit. We want to demonstrate these qualities to our customers and colleagues, which is why we are willing to step outside our comfort zone time and time again, putting our all into everything we do. We live for the adventure of discovery.

We are proud to work in a team of exceptionally talented people and see ourselves as part of the winning team. We want customers to think of us as the best. To achieve this, we never give up, even when this means going above and beyond.

We know that we can trust and rely on our colleagues, superiors and employees. This trust gives us the security and confidence we need to address the greatest challenges for our customers. Entrepreneurial spirit of this kind requires a willingness to take risks. The concept of 'blame' in this context does not exist in our company.



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8020 Graz, AUSTRIA

Phone: +43 316 787-1193
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  • ECU diagnostic tools and platforms for motorcycles, passenger cars, trucks and trailers
  • Exhaust gas analyzers for diesel and gasoline engines
  • Automotive measurement engineering including high-voltage measurement technology
  • Air conditioning services 


Limited liability company


Regional Civil Court Graz, registered in the Companies Register under no. 184043b
Sales tax identification number: ATU47112707


DI Gerald Lackner


1992 as a business unit of AVL List GmbH
1999 AVL DITEST becomes an autonomous legal entity within AVL Holding




In more than 50 countries worldwide.


Export quota: 97 %
Research quota: ~ 20 %


UniCredit Bank Austria AG
IBAN: AT141200076019346800


We are using Open Source Software. Open Source Software (OSS) refers to software licensed under public licenses that allow all users to use, study, modify, and distribute software.
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Quality and environmental policy

AVL DiTEST provides its customers with products and services in the agreed quality and scope and as energy-efficiently as possible. The entire AVL DiTEST team is committed to meeting the customer's expectations and requirements, as well as other technical, economic and scheduling agreements. All applicable legal and statutory obligations and requirements are complied with.

The resulting satisfaction and loyalty of its customers is an essential part of ensuring the success of AVL DiTEST in the long run.

The management, all executives and employees apply ethical principles to all their actions. AVL DiTEST treats all employees equally regardless of age, gender, religion and nationality.

The management encourages customer orientation, responsibility, environmental and quality awareness and manages all responsibilities and processes that affect quality and the environment. The management also defines its quality and environmental objectives as well as the objective to improve its energy efficiency, and regularly evaluates these objectives for their effectiveness.

The management and the entire management team regularly evaluate the extent to which these quality and environmental objectives have been achieved and the integrated management system is implemented, and evaluate the effectiveness of the agreed improvement measures. Minimising and avoiding environmental impacts by planning ahead is an integral part of our actions and thinking and firmly anchored in the strategies and processes of our company.

The management is responsible for ensuring, that the integrated management system is applied throughout the company and, that all employees help the management to improve the effectiveness of the management system. The management, all executives and employees ensure by way of example, discussions, regular meetings and other appropriate measures that the policy is communicated, understood and applied. All our employees ensure that the requirements for ensuring the quality of the products and services to be provided are met in the relevant areas of​ responsibility. AVL DiTEST employees are actively involved in the quality and environmental efforts and thus help to improve them on an ongoing basis.


1946 - Prof. Dr. Hans List started up as an independent engineer.

1948 - A team of diesel engine construction experts headed by Prof. Dr. Hans List got together to set up IBL ("Ingenieurbüro List" or List Engineering).

1949 - Even the first diesel engines were a resounding success. They went into mass-production at the Jenbach production plant in Tyrol and the Andritz mechanical engineering plant in Graz.

1951 - IBL became AVL - "Anstalt für Verbrennungskraftmaschinen", Prof. Dr. Hans List (or Institute for Internal Combustion Engines).

To date
Numerous developments and patents of the three business units

  • Powertrain Engineering
  • Instrumentation and Test Systems
  • Advanced Simulation Technology

made AVL the world's largest privately owned and independent company for the development of powertrain systems with internal combustion engines as well as instrumentation and test systems - a company responsible for the design of modern engines and inspiring influence on the car industry. (


1980 - With the development of its ultra-light clamp-on transducers for recording expansions in the injection line, AVL succeeds in making a breakthrough in diesel engine(s) diagnostics.
The foundation of the sales department "Diesel Diagnostics" is the starting point of AVL DiTEST.
A European network of retailers and a sales organisation in Japan are built.

1987 - The development of the Filter-Smoke-Tester is leads to for the decision to enlarge the product range for the garage and test-station market.

1992 - With the implementation of the official German Emission Test (AU - Abgasuntersuchung), the modularly designed AVL emission tester (4-gas analyser, smoke meter and combination units series' 400) becomes leader of quality and technology.

1993 - The Business Unit "Segment Diagnose Technik" (Vehicle Diagnostic Equipment and Techniques) is set up.

1994 - As high pressure test system, AVL 845 unifies all "bloodless" measurement techniques for diesel engines and "bloodless" diagnostic possibilities for testing the ignition system.

1994 - 1999
 - Further development of emission testers leads to certifications in all major European countries and to the establishment of diagnostic departments in Germany, France and Spain.

1996 - The second generation of emission testers, series 4000, (modularly designed 4- and 5-gas analysers opacimeter and combination) is introduced to the market. AVL's Opacity Chamber with its automatic linearity check is state of the art.

1997 - AVL DiSpeed 490 - a unique direct speed measurement device based on the evaluation of air-borne and structure-borne noise. AVL DiSpeed 490 is the easiest, fastest and most universal way to measure static and dynamic speeds of diesel and petrol engines.

1999 - AVL DiTEST was founded as a legally independent member of the AVL group.

Contracts with the Joint Venture in XIAMEN HITEC ENGINE DIAGNOSTIC EQUIPMENT CO., LTD., China were signed.

2000 - Establishment of AVL DiTEST GmbH (Germany) and AVL DiTEST France S.A.S.

2002 - AVL DiTEST becomes a key player in vehicle diagnostics through acquisition of grundig instruments and Pierburg Hermann.

2003 - Unification of the product range of all companies of the AVL DiTEST group. The idea for a global automotive diagnosis product range arises.

2004 - Presentation of the new modular Diagnostic and Emission System AVL DiX at the international trade fair AUTOMECHANIKA 2004 in Frankfurt/Germany. Leading automotive manufacturers like BMW, DaimlerChrysler, Peugeot as well as the German testing organization DEKRA are counted amoung the customers of the new product range of the AVL DiTEST group.

2005 - Delivery of the 1000th modular diagnostic and emission system
AVL DiX. Innovation award of the German trade for the development of AVL DiX drive, the mobile diagnostic and emission testing version of AVL DiX.

2006- German Trade Award for Innovation for AVL ProBike 220/420.

2007- AVL DiTEST presents an exhaust emission testing unit for diesel engines certified for the japanese market as the world's first manufacturer. 15.000 units are to be delivered by 2010.

2008 - AVL DiTEST presents a new cooperation with KTM for the development of customized vehicle diagnostic platforms for authorized service center for motorcycle brands of the KTM group as well as Husaberg.
VW equips his workshops all over the world with a new developed measurement tool of AVL DiTEST

2009 - The long-time basic research in the field of "alternative engines" now results in a concrete customer pilot project. For the first time ever VW awards a contract to develop an automotive measurement tool for hybrid vehicles.

2010 - AVL DITEST is nominated for the Austrian State Award for Transport, the highest award from the Federal Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology, for its measurement instrument for hybrid vehicles developed for Volkswagen AG.

2011 - With its HV Safety 1000, AVL DITEST becomes a market leader in the electric and hybrid vehicle diagnostics sector and commits to improving training in electric vehicle repair and diagnostics for vehicle mechanics.

AVL DITEST develops an ultra-sensitive turbidity measurement device, suitable for series production, to improve diesel particle measurement. In collaboration with JOANNEUM RESEARCH and in cooperation with competitors in the sector, AVL DITEST drives forward development of a calibration process for this new generation of emissions testing devices.

2012 - The successful AVL DIX series with product sales at 5,000, is developed and updated with the AVL DITEST MDS (Modular Diagnostic System) product family. A new addition to the MDS family is the mobile diagnostics device “MDS Drive”. The rugged tablet PC operates with another newly launched product, the diagnostics software XDS 1000 (eXperienced Diagnostic Solution). AVL DITEST's innovations respond to workshops’ growing flexibility and mobility requirements and the need to simplify the diagnosis process.
AVL DITEST also records successes in the emissions testing segment. In the March edition of the French workshop magazine “Décision Atelier”, the CDS 450 is named best emissions tester.

2013 – AVL DITEST supplies Austrian motorcycle manufacturer KTM with a complete system for vehicle diagnostics. The package includes providing all 1,300 KTM workshops around the world with hardware and software for vehicle diagnostics, as well as equipping Production and Development for "end of line" tests in the manufacture and parameter setting of control units. Selected KTM-authorised workshops are equipped with the AVL DITEST HV Safety 2000 high-voltage measurement module for the off-road electric motorcycle Freeride E that KTM is due to bring out as a world first in 2014. In the field of test instruments, 2013 sees major orders from premium automotive manufacturers BMW and VW resulting in high capacity utilisation at AVL DITEST.

2015 – AVL DiTEST wins in Austria's Leading Companies competition - The awards, sponsored by the WirtschaftsBlatt newspaper, PwC Austria and KSV1870, and presented this year on 17th November, recognise Styria's most successful companies. AVL DiTEST took home first place in the 'Goldener Mittelbau' category for medium-sized companies.

2016 – Entry into the new business field of climate control servicing: AVL DiTEST develops a CO2 air conditioning service device for the Daimler Group, again emerging as a trailblazer for a new technology.

2017 – New location for German subsidiary: Move to new site in Cadolzburg with modern, spacious facilities. A new managing director – in the shape of Ralf Kerssenfischer – also stepped into his role at the beginning of 2017.

2018 – AVL DiTEST triumphs at the Automechanika trade fair, winning a total of two Innovation Awards for the Acoustic Camera (ACAM) and the Multisense 1000.