Diagnostic Software – After Sales

Diagnostics in after sales means performance in velocity, easy use and first time fix. The diagnostic tool needs to support and guide the user intuitively without need of training. This must be ensured under all conditions, independently of the user skill level or regional and cultural difference. AVL DiTEST is expert in the automotive domain by having deep knowledge about vehicles engineering and has the latest technology know how for implementation of the solution. With our comprehensive, integrated platform over the complete diagnostic process, it is possible to be quick and precise with highest possible diagnostic accuracy and feasibility of analytics.

  • Authoring
  • UX Development and Consulting
  • Diagnostic Runtime*
  • Guided Diagnostic*
  • Technical information*
  • 3D/AR/VR Integration*
  • Semantic & Ontology Search Engine*
  • "ONGOING and FUTURE challenge"

*) Virtual Service Platform



The authoring for the diagnostic application must be as quick and simple as the application itself. Having one integrated platform from development until after sales with AVALON, gives rigid structure and repeatability. AVL DiTEST XDS AVALON provides optimum features for after sale diagnostic data management (e.g. creation of trouble shooting stategies).

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Virtual Service Platform VSP

Within the VSP, all the cutting edge technology is fully integrated and linked in a semantic and ontology way. AVL DiTEST offers complete services and tools to generate the OEM specific Semantic Vehicle Structure Model up to implementing diagnostic flows and linkage of all relevant diagnostic information (e.g. service bulletin, technical information, field feedback, … ). The integration of existing systems and consultancy, support and services for generating new systems, or trouble-shooting strategies are also expertise of AVL DiTEST. The core of the diagnostic application is the AVL DiTEST XDS Runtime, which is based on latest software architecture and assures highest performance, even at processing big data volume at ECU programming, at parallel- or IP-based communication. Thereby a minimal flash- and diagnosis-time effort can be achieved. For the user it is easy, smooth and seamless to get to the root cause of a problem and it´s solution reliable.

AVL DiTEST XDS Runtime features

  • Hi speed Parallel ECU communication
  • Fast on-board-network-Scan
  • Support of standards like D-PDU API und J2534 Support MCD3D, ODX, ISO 22900-2
  • HTML und CSS based User-Interface
  • Comprehensive coverage of vehicle interfaces
  • DTC incl. Freeze Frames
  • Live data tabularly and grafically
  • Support of various function flows
  • Coding and flashing functions, "Flash-Assistants"
  • Update-Management
  • Role-Management
  • User-and vehicle data Logging
  • Embedded help-functions

AVL DiTEST SCOUT, Guided diagnostics Features

  • Intuitive concept of operation
  • Linkage of Symptoms with DTCs
  • Open and closed questions, questions can be skipped
  • Embedment of additional technical Information
  • Ontology-based System

Ongoing and Future Challenge

With AVL DiTEST the future trends are not only slogans, they become real: Challenges like Remote Diagnosis, Predictive Maintenance, and Diagnostics as a Service are accessible. We do complete feasibility studies for new challenges and accompanying the OEM on the journey to the objective. 


Specific – Individual – Innovative – Outstanding

All our solutions are made out of a modular diagnostic ecosystem, which is entirely in AVL DiTEST´s hand to adopt specifically to the customer. We are very pleased to offer joint workshops to identify the current state of the systems in place and identify the demand for your world class diagnostic solution. AVL DiTEST is demonstrating taylor made ongoing support service for the software and hardware of the provided after sales tools, combined with an outstanding hotline for many OEMs globally.




Modular Platform – MVCI 2000

AVL DiTEST offers hardware and software solutions in the field of automotive measurement systems and diagnostics technology for vehicle manufacturers and their service network. Central system components are developed and maintained on site at AVL DiTEST from the analysis phase till rollout. The key goal of the developed modular Vehicle Communication Interface (AVL DiTEST MVCI 2000) platform is the fast and flexible adaptation to different requirements of our customers and their field of applications.

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