Diagnostic Software – Production

Current and future vehicles are packed with latest technology, increasing functions and frequent changes, which permanently drive greater complexity into the plant. In the world of high velocity, vehicle manufacturers are challenged by the complexity to meet their performance and quality targets. AVL DiTEST supports vehicle manufacturers to master fast, efficient and high quality production processes based on our ground-breaking diagnostic solutions for the following fields: 


Consultancy and Specification

AVL DiTEST offers competence, knowledge and experience to consult vehicle manufacturers in evaluation and definition of production testing tools and technologies, automated methodology concepts, test processes, cycles and test sequence specifications, data collection and analysis methods as well as production improvement measures.


Test Sequence Authoring

AVL DiTEST AVALON authoring tool chain allows for seamless creation and processing of test sequence authoring. The generated OTX/XML based test scripts support fully automated assembly and/or EOL tests with automation controller integration (e.g. HIL) and/or operator interacting tests. 

Testing Runtime Integration

AVL DiTEST diagnostic runtime supports flexible integration into testing automation controller. The application of common diagnostic repository and runtime for development, production and service bay tool enables automated validation and verification against engineering specification.


EOL Flashing and Coding

The AVL DiTEST diagnostic runtime supports flexible integration into EOL flashing and ECU coding and configuration stations together with special UX applications and ERP integration.


Test Analysis and Reporting

An additional analysis and reporting module allows the storage and management of all test results into a central database. The configurable analysis algorithms, queries and export functions enable sophisticated evaluation of test reports for issue identification and reporting.



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