Quality and environmental policy

AVL DiTEST provides its customers with products and services in the agreed quality and scope and as energy-efficiently as possible. The entire AVL DiTEST team is committed to meeting the customer's expectations and requirements, as well as other technical, economic and scheduling agreements. All applicable legal and statutory obligations and requirements are complied with.

The resulting satisfaction and loyalty of its customers is an essential part of ensuring the success of AVL DiTEST in the long run.

The management, all executives and employees apply ethical principles to all their actions. AVL DiTEST treats all employees equally regardless of age, gender, religion and nationality.

The management encourages customer orientation, responsibility, environmental and quality awareness and manages all responsibilities and processes that affect quality and the environment. The management also defines its quality and environmental objectives as well as the objective to improve its energy efficiency, and regularly evaluates these objectives for their effectiveness.

The management and the entire management team regularly evaluate the extent to which these quality and environmental objectives have been achieved and the integrated management system is implemented, and evaluate the effectiveness of the agreed improvement measures. Minimising and avoiding environmental impacts by planning ahead is an integral part of our actions and thinking and firmly anchored in the strategies and processes of our company.

The management is responsible for ensuring, that the integrated management system is applied throughout the company and, that all employees help the management to improve the effectiveness of the management system. The management, all executives and employees ensure by way of example, discussions, regular meetings and other appropriate measures that the policy is communicated, understood and applied. All our employees ensure that the requirements for ensuring the quality of the products and services to be provided are met in the relevant areas of​ responsibility. AVL DiTEST employees are actively involved in the quality and environmental efforts and thus help to improve them on an ongoing basis.