VAS 7310A emission measurement unit

The emission test is only one of the strengths of the VAS 7310A. Built with sophisticated measuring modules, the VAS 7310A can handle every challenge in the modern workshop. What is a modern emission tester today may tomorrow be a diagnostic station for emission measurement, for ECU diagnostics and automotive measurement technology. Flexibility has no limits!

The high availability of the VAS 7310A almost never requires a customer deadline to be postponed. On purchase you will receive a variety of additional features at no extra charge: not only a vehicle and customer database but also the possibility to individualise your test reports with company name and logo. Due to the robustness and intuitive use of the device, the user can concentrate on the essentials: the customer and their car. This creates motivation and satisfaction.


Grows with your requirements

  • Super flexible
  • Unique modularity
  • Future proof technologies – of course
  • Possibilities of emission diagnostics beyond statutory emission analysis


No ifs and buts

  • Use of high quality materials - particularly robust
  • No more cable chaos - fully featured wireless connection optional
  • Easy to read from any position - Large moveable 22 '' TFT monitor
  • Practical for the workshop environment
  • Best quality
  • Sophisticated service concept (Modular design)
  • Low maintenance


It couldn’t be easier

  • Super-fast processes
  • Fastest emission analysis cycle
  • Quickly restored measurement readiness
  • Almost no start up times
  • Easy to operate
  • Always ready

Future Proof

  • State of the art technology
  • Upgradeable at anytime


For reference

  • AVL DITEST’s top product
  • Modern design meets functionality
  • The latest generation of longevity



  • Exhaust modules in tough continuous operation with customers such as DEKRA, TÜV, BMW, VW
  • Emission specialist AVL DITEST’s sophisticated technology


Everything from one source

  • Hardware & Software development as well as Service by AVL DITEST

Included in Delivery

VAS 7310A Petrol/Diesel/Emission Analysis Station (ASE 408 620 01 000)

  1. Standard-PC, statt VAS 6150x
  2. Desktop-PC
  3. Monitor Flat Screen 22"
  4. Laser printer b/wr
  5. Main system
  6. Emission modules like VAS 7300A/7320A