Charging and discharging battery modules


AVL DiTEST module conditioning system – rightCHARGE 2kW is a repair and service equipment for save use in your workshop. You can condition individual modules of the traction battery. Additionally, you can measure the internal resistance and module capacity to evaluate the SOH (State of Health).

When the module in a Lithium-Ion traction battery gets defective and needs to be replaced, it is first necessary that you identify it and then remove it. Before you install a new module in the battery pack, you have to adapt the SOC (State Of Charge) of the new module according to the SOC of the remaining, healthy modules in the battery. This process of conditioning the new module is important for the proper functionality of your traction battery pack. If the SOC level of the new module is significantly different to the remaining modules, the BMS (Battery Management System) will not activate the battery.

Features at a glance

  • Safe charging and discharging
  • Process-controlled charging incl. guided software workflow
  • Intelligent contact detection
  • Reverse polarity protection
  • Battery capacity and internal resistance measurement to estimate the SOH (State of Health)
  • Support of all important interfaces: CAN, CAN FD, SPI and ISO SPI


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