Diagnostic Software – Development

AVL DiTEST assists customers from first concepts to the implementation of customized solutions. Our solutions help customers to master the new business challenges and increasing complexity and diversity of vehicle diagnostics. The permanent investments into our core knowledge and newest software technology consolidates our technological edge in:


Process Definition and Diagnostic Specification

Future vehicle networks and increasing connectivity require a general rethinking of vehicle diagnostic approaches, such as telematics or SOTA. AVL DiTEST assists customers with expertise in Off- and On-board diagnostics during specification and evaluation of diagnostic concepts. Our expertise includes diagnostic processes and workflow support, supplier management, development support and applications to ODX, OTX and AUTOSAR standards.



AVALON – Diagnostic Data Authoring

AVL DiTEST next generation authoring tool chain AVALON offers comprehensive modules for creation, administration, development and execution of diagnostic data, test sequences and guided troubleshooting. The authored diagnostic data are seamless compiled into a speed and space optimized the diagnostic runtime for service bay tool application and/or EOL. AVL DiTEST AVALON main features are:

  • ODX and OTX conform development
  • Comprehensive and centralized vehicle ECU variant handling
  • Different and customizable data views (textual, spread sheet, graphical)
  • Automatic generation of optimized runtime code
  • Multi-user support with central data version management
  • Release management, rollout and staging support

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Diagnostic Data Management

Vehicle diagnostic data is driven by a variety of standards, such as MCD-3D, D-PDU API, ODX and OTX, to simplify data exchange and guaranty better tool support. AVL DiTEST helps customers to develop individual diagnostic strategies, legacy data migration and company specific data creation guidelines. AVL DiTEST provides comprehensive support for the introduction of diagnostic sequences and technology for AUTOSAR ECU configuration and data exchange (e.g. DCM, DEM, DEXT).


Diagnostic Runtime

AVL DiTEST offers complete solutions for diagnostic runtime including UI development, symptom driven diagnostic and hardware solutions. AVL DiTEST runtime-optimized system guaranties a high performance ECU communication to reduce diagnostic and flashing times. The runtime system standard interfaces allow seamless integration of modern standards (MCD-3D, ODX, OTX), VCI hardware (ISO22900, SAEJ2534), third party systems (SOAP). AVL DiTEST runtime system main features are:

  • ECU communication
  • Simple and fast UI (HTML/CSS) with flexible workflow adaptation
  • Seamless integration in AVL DiTEST AVALON authoring tool chain
  • Support of all diagnostic functions, e.g. DTC’s, freeze frames, live data, routines
  • Integrated technical information and guided/symptom data
  • Open interfaces to VCI and third party applications, e.g. warranty, spare part, DMS
  • Role Management, Logging

Diagnostic Data Testing & Validation

AVL DiTEST runtime system offers interfaces and support for automated diagnostic compliance testing and diagnostic data validation. The runtime allows to interface flexibly the testing VCI, automation controllers and HIL environments.


Rollout and Distribution

Our projects typically include customized rollout, distribution and training strategies for authoring, runtime and testing/validation environments. Software installations and updates distribution are integral parts of the build process and release management. 



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