20th anniversity of AVL DiTEST: A story of success and dedication

GRAZ. The year 2019 marks a very special milestone in the history of AVL DiTEST. Twenty years ago the "AVL Diagnostics Technology" business unit became AVL DiTEST GmbH, paving the way for a unique success story – something which nobody would have thought possible in 1999.

In fact, quite the contrary – one of the best corporate consultants in the automotive industry felt that the young company was unlikely to succeed.

So what was to follow came as a surprise to many. "Despite all these assumptions, AVL DiTEST made a profit right from the very first month," explains CEO Gerald Lackner, and has continued to do so for twenty years right through to the present day. The company's turnover increased tenfold. The key to success was complete determination, limitless dedication and tireless work – qualities which AVL DiTEST's employees apply to every challenge.

Internationally renowned vehicle manufacturers as satisfied customers
Outstanding commitment and enthusiasm are what have shaped the 20-year company history of the Graz-based vehicle diagnostics and measurement technology specialists. The employees' main ongoing aim was to create exceptional value for customers. To mark the company's twentieth anniversary, CEO Gerald Lackner tells two of many stories that illustrate its unique spirit:

2016. The first OEM diagnostics solution from AVL DiTEST is ready to be launched. The customer is Jaguar Land Rover. There are some technical issues which would have had huge consequences for the customer. AVL DiTEST's experts work tirelessly and under great time pressure at the plant in England. Giving up is not an option – even if it does mean spending the night on the rear seat of a Land Rover. "This unique spirit is difficult to describe. Each and every one of our employees gives their best day in, day out – and our customers are aware of this," says Gerald Lackner proudly.
The project is completed successfully, guaranteeing follow-up orders in the tens of millions.

2015. It is almost time for the technical acceptance of a new AVL DiTEST air conditioning service device at Mercedes. The device is tested one last time on the day before the acceptance in Graz. Everything goes to plan. However, suddenly an error occurs as the device is loaded on the transporter to be taken to Germany. Nothing works. Nonetheless, the AVL DiTEST technicians travel to Stuttgart as planned. Working in the hotel's storage room, they do everything they can to find a solution. Even the night porter assists with computer screens. The following morning, the AVL DiTEST team arrive at Mercedes on the dot with a fully functioning device.
The resulting increase in turnover running into the millions has a lasting effect on the company's profitability.

Passion drives the company forward
Stories such as these were told many times during the celebration to mark the company's twentieth anniversary, which was held last Friday at the Graz Seifenfabrik, with around 200 guests in attendance. However, the event was more about looking ahead than looking back. And with that in mind, the new company slogan was unveiled: "PASSION INNOVATES FUTURE" – a guiding principle which sums up the future for all AVL DiTEST employees and customers alike.


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