Air conditioning service on CO2 air conditioning systems in buses


CO2 air conditioning system (R744) is superior to the current R1234yf system in terms of efficiency, cooling dynamics and environmental sustainability. Reputable automotive manufacturers have recognised its potential and will in future be putting their faith in CO2, the natural, ecological and advanced coolant. AVL DITEST is supporting the automotive industry for buses with CO2 air conditioning system and has developed the fully automatic ADS 310 air conditioning service device ADS 340. Consequently, garage workshops are able to carry out repairs and maintenance on CO2 air conditioning systems on buses.

Functions at a glance

  • Checking and detection of leaks in refrigerant circuits
  • Supports R744 refrigerant circuits
  • Additional gas detector for the detection of hydrogen available separately

Key benefits


  • Small and light for optimal deployment
  • Adjustable colour graphic display screen to optimise the ergonomics of the device
  • Ingenious trolley design for rapid changing of CO2 bottles – all current bottle types supported
  • Plenty of storage space to ensure a clean and tidy workplace


  • High level of occupational safety due to menu-assisted processes with safety notifications and system-supported internal plausibility checks
  • Intuitive operation via the well-designed and self-explanatory user interface
  • Simple exchange of coolant bottles is ensured by menu-driven process control
  • Bottle change possible during the filling process
  • Unique, innovative single-handed operation with rotary control
  • Range of coloured indicators show current system condition

For the good of the environment:

  • CO2 is a natural and environmentally sustainable coolant
  • Environmentally harmful consumables are reduced to a minimum
  • Latest technology eliminates need to replace dryer unit

Worthwhile investment:

  • Very low maintenance costs and minimal use of consumables maximise the profitability of the device
  • Opportunity to exploit additional income streams by expanding service range
  • Future-proof, due to use of pioneering technology


See for yourself how quick and easy air conditioning service can be: the software guides you from the function selection stage to performance of the task, right through to the results report.

Included in delivery


Fully automated air conditioning service device for occupational safety at maximum pressure.

  1. Compact trolley
  2. 7-inch graphic TFT colour display
  3. Digital pressure indicator
  4. 5 m service hoses
  5. Thermal printer
  6. Standard bottle adapter
  7. Cap
  8. Documentation